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Knowledgebase : Live-Tech Hosted SharePoint 2013
How To Synchronize SharePoint 2013 Content with Outlook 2013SynopsisIf you spend a lot of time in Microsoft Outlook, but also store documents and other information in SharePoint, you might want to try connecting your SharePoint content with Outlook. You c...
How To Enable Anonymous Access To A SharePoint Site (SharePoint 2013)SynopsisThis guide will show you how to enable anonymous access to your SharePoint 2013 site. This can be useful for opening up portions of your site to the public. Applicable toAll Live...
How To Create A SharePoint 2013 SiteSynopsisThis guide will show you how to create your SharePoint 2013 site via the Control Panel. Applicable toAll Live-Tech hosted SharePoint 2013 accounts. PrerequisiteA
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